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Rashka Final.jpg

Thank You

Thank you for your purchase of one of my NFT collectable 3D digital cards !   Here I will share some of the processes and different stages of the artworks, as well as stories...  Click on an image to learn more.   Again thank you for supporting a creative. 


wing final 2.jpg


Raptor At Rest

A small airborne militia unit known as Raptors guard the city from above from corporate aggression. They are fast, stealthy and quite capable fighters on the ground as well...


Widow Maker

An elite interplanetary assassin… If your name has been whispered across her web of networks, it’s already too late. Whether it be for profit or pleasure your last breath has already been planned.

recycled 10_edited.jpg



Recycled... that’s what they call retirement for AI powered robots of the future. Some of them don’t want to be retired, in fact it has been documented that many are refusing to power down. Some have escaped recycle centers and have been found stalking their previous owners...



There was a sporadic metal on metal sound of its trigger finger tapping its thigh... tink, tink tink, tink... that uneasy sound was broke with a mechanical female voice that spoke calmly... “I’ll be your huckleberry...”

the Huckleberry_edited.jpg
New Sherrif In Town.jpg


Just Ask For "9"

A rogue bot from one of the corporate armies became self aware during the Kuiper wars... and now roams between several frontier colonies picking up work as a hired gun... if you are ever in need of a little extra protection, just ask for “9”



Whether you work for the mega corporations or mining companies, or find yourself recruited by the outer rim settlements, the various Kuiper outposts is where you will find yourself. There are fortunes to be made, fames to be claimed, but all at a price. Some of the most dangerous environments known to humans offer death at every turn...

Kuiper Outpost.jpg
brad 2 cover_edited.jpg


The B.R.A.D.

The B.R.A.D. is a “Battle Ready Autonomous Droid” , a relic from when the first mining claims in the outer rim were being staked and large corporations went to war over these resources.



Rayne grew up rough in a prospecting colony out in the far reaches of the rim.  There she heard stories of urban legends and folk heroes that fought for the 'Little Guy".  Becoming a mercenary was more then a calling for Rayne, she knew it was her destiny.

cover edition 2_edited_edited.jpg
mercenaries for hire final.jpg


Mercs For Hire

Rayne watches over operations while on patrol with her personal B.R.A.D.  It’s just another day, not exactly what she signed up for. Looking over the operating mine she longs for the next gig, anywhere but this rock… she knows they never ended… the damn corporate wars…



If the “River” is sent to do a job, be assured that all will be swept away…

Hanger 5.jpg
Draconian Guard


Draconian Guard

Four thousands of years, legions of their kind watched over the sister worlds…



Lost, after their transport ship went down over sector D6-89, deep in enemy territory.  The surviving crew and scout unit, now led by Kiryanna, soon discovered that what lived in the hostile bogs was much more terrifying than their enemy. 

Kiryanna final muted_edited.jpg
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