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Jeremy Martinson                                          


Everybody has a story to tell, even you...


Everybody has a story to tell, even you...

     I am a teller of stories if you will... Personally I am a fan of sci-fi and high fantasy but if the story itself is good, then I am intrigued.  As a creative, not only am I drawn to the arts, but all visuals and find myself combining both photography and art into... well, a story.

     You don’t need to be famous to have your story told.  In fact, everyone has a story and I would like to be the person who, 'not just snaps a pic', but captures a story...  Your story...  With it, the emotional energy that allows the image to come alive. 

     In this world of "mediocrity" and “snapshot” photos, please allow me to capture your story and leave you with more then just an image, but rather, a work of art that will make you feel the emotions and essence of "that" moment for years to come.

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