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As a child of the streets, River was able to survive on her own. Quick witted and sly she adapted to the rogue life style without prejudice, nothing was off limits. At the tender age of sixteen or seventeen River was caught trying to boost what she thought was a shipment of thruster parts… However it turned out to be a secret weapons shipment as well as classified industrial and government documents belonging to a corporate overlord. Once it was decided that she was just a thief and not a corporate agent, after hours of unspeakable abuse, the overlord decided to have his thugs cut her hand off and dispose of her in a shipping container destined to one of the mining colonies in the Outer Rim. Surviving her punishment, a benefactor of sorts took pity on her and took her in. After receiving advanced prosthetic and medical treatment, River spent the next four years training under the direction of her benefactor, learning to fly and become proficient with most small arms. To this day she still works for her benefactor, an unknown kingpin of the corporate underworld, stealing freight, ships, supplies, and secrets… all the while influencing governments and corporations and political ambitions. If the “River” is sent to do a job, be assured that all will be swept away…

Progression of Hanger 5 WIP

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