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Mercs For Hire

Rayne watches over operations while on patrol with her personal B.R.A.D. The “Battle Ready Autonomous Droid” is a relic from when the first mining claims in the outer rim were being staked and large corporations went to war over these resources. Rayne found one of these from a scrap freighter. Obtaining it through unscrupulous means, she restored and reprogrammed the unit, it’s a little buggy at times but completely loyal to her. The pair work as private contractors (mercenaries) in the outer rim, loyal only to the highest bidder. Currently working on N-278 asteroid mine, the pay is unusually high and day to day activities are basically nonevent-full, it’s not exactly what she signed up for. Looking over the operating mine she longs for the next gig, anywhere but this rock… she knows they never ended… the damn corporate wars…

Progression of Merc For Hire WIP

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